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Considerations When Buying A Sex Doll

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One of our previous customers has put together a short guide on the considerations that you should make when purchasing a sex doll. This insightful article should be used to help you consider various aspects which you may have overlooked during your buying process.


So you've decided to purchase a sex doll. Well done, it's a good decision. Your life will never be the same again! Before you take the plunge, there are several things you should know which will go some way towards making your doll purchase go more smoothly.

1. Cost
To buy a decent doll you really need to be looking to spend at least £1500. Of course, to many people this is a lot of money, however I would advise against cost-cutting because you will only end up with a lower quality doll. Stay alert and don't fall for any scams or attractive offers that seem too good to be true, because they usually are.

2. Do your research
This means reading the doll forums to get a sense of who are the most respected doll sellers. Ask questions of other doll-owners on these forums. Also ask questions directly of the doll-sellers. The best ones are only too happy to allay any concerns you may have. Dolls are an expensive investment and as such the buying process should be treated as seriously as if you were buying a car.

3. Patience is required
This means not falling for the first photo you see of a doll on a doll seller's website. Also realise that the photos on the doll sellers’ sites are professionally produced so the doll you eventually choose won't look exactly like the doll in the photo. Look at ALL the photos, then look at them again. Eventually you'll find that you keep coming back to just one or two faces and then you can make a choice. Patience is also required once you place your order for a doll. The sense of anticipation is huge and you could be waiting on average two weeks for your doll to arrive. This is because most of them are made in China. For me personally, I have to say that waiting for my doll to arrive was probably the longest two weeks of my life!

4. The buying process
When you've chosen your seller you will need to keep in regular contact with them during the buying process. Bear in mind that you can ask for modifications to your doll whilst she is in the factory. Your seller will send you photos of your doll so take this opportunity to ensure she is everything you expect. The photos can be misleading so that her skin colour can look quite different in reality and it is always wise to check with the seller whether the skin colour is lighter or darker than it looks.

5. Weight
Be aware that sex dolls are heavy. This is a good thing because it adds to their realism, but it also means you must be prepared for the effort involved to carry them. Eventually you will get a feel for the most efficient way to carry them, but they are undoubtedly awkwardly shaped and a stray arm or leg can easily catch on to something.

6. Size
Obviously this is related to weight, the shorter the doll the lighter she is. Decide on the maximum and minimum height you can accept, bearing in mind the weight. In my case, I wanted a specific height of doll so I had to accept that she would be heavier than most.

7. Material
Sex dolls are made from two types of material, silicone or TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer). Silicone is more expensive and durable but feels harder. TPT is cheaper but feels softer. However, TPE is also easier to damage and requires more maintenance. Decide on what is more important to you and, if it simply comes down to cost, then TPE would be the choice.

8. Maintenance
Bear in mind that a sex doll is for life, not just for Christmas! To get the most out of a doll you must be prepared to put in a certain amount of effort in return. Like all relationships, give and take is required! This means washing her regularly. They attract dust and scuffs quite easily so you will need to consider where you will wash her. Is your bathroom big enough for a doll? Can you carry her there?

9. Other people
Owning a sex doll is becoming less marginalised but is still seen as “strange” by some people. Think about whether you would mention her to anyone else, and if not, how would you hide her from visitors? If you would prefer your interest to be kept secret, then you will need to think before-hand as to where you could hide her. And of course, this would also have an impact on size. I would recommend storing her in the box she came in if necessary.

10. Ongoing costs
The costs don't end when you've bought her, you will also need to think about what clothes you will buy for her, and what about shoes? Jewellery? Wigs? Make-up? These girls are always going to be there for you, but they expect to be treated well in return!

11. Purpose
People buy sex dolls for different reasons. You will have your own purpose, whether it be sexual or companionship or artistic. Consider what your purpose is beforehand, don't just buy a doll on a whim as you may end up regretting it. As far as I'm concerned, it was one of the best decisions I ever made, and I only wish I had done it earlier.


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