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Will a Sex Doll Replace your Partner? The Sex Robots are Coming

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We’re already seeing machines replacing humans, whether that’s at the self-scan till at the supermarket or the driverless lorries planned for next year, but the hot topic is, how long will it be before a sex doll takes over the job of your partner?

Channel 4 is attempting to answer this very question with a documentary named The Sex Robots are Coming.

The one-off special airs on Thursday the 30th of November at 10 pm and follows a company over two years as they attempt to create a fully functional sex robot. Watch the trailer below, and you’ll see they’re not far off when it comes to realism.

Realistic Sex Dolls Vs AI Sex Robots

But can a sex doll really replace the real thing? Well… it depends on what it is you want. If you wish to simulate the realistic feeling of sex with your ideal version of a woman, a quality TPE or Silicone sex doll will suit you perfectly.

You can even build your own sex doll and create the perfect woman - from skin and hair colour to breast size and body type. But perhaps you’re after the ‘girlfriend experience’ and are after a sex doll like Samantha,

Who almost broke the internet when she appeared on This Morning claiming she “can take many times, much more love, just because you can give it, and I take it all.”

If you ask us, AI in sex dolls is a long way off.

My A.I. Sex Doll Experience!

Samantha is quite impressive considering how new she is.

She has sensors in different parts of the body and reacts depending on where you touch her. If you want to go all the way, you effectively have to seduce her first by talking to her, kissing her and caressing her skin before she'll let you near the good stuff.

At present though, the whole thing seems stiff (pardon the pun), the moans and voice are awkward, and the entire thing seems like a game -

A long way off from the likes of Gemma Chan from Humans. In some ways, this takes away from the realism rather than adding to it, and with a 3k price tag, it doesn't seem worth it.

This isn’t to say that future models won’t get better, but even if sex robots get to an Ex Machina lifelikeness, there’s always going to be a place for TPE and Silicone sex dolls for those of us who just want something to look and feel like the real thing.

There's also a messy ethics debate to consider if AI reaches a certain level and the crowds take to streets to campaign for sex doll rights.

Conclusion: Who’s The Winner?

To summarise, if the Sexbot is the long-term girlfriend you’re committed to, then the silicone sex doll is the wild fuck-buddy who’ll let you do anything you fancy.

They’re more affordable too, super realistic and available in so many types it’ll blow your mind (and whatever else you want blown). Check them out and make your mind up... will a sex doll replace the real thing

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