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Best Flexi Dolls Online

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Out to buy a doll with a flexible skeleton? Seems like you covet flexi dolls. To be fair, we can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t fancy this new genus of sex dolls. But we can tell you are only interested in the best of the batch and we will serve you just that.

We will get you closely acquainted with some of the finest and drop-dead sexy flexible skeleton dolls that will surely leave you in awe.


Best flexi dolls 02

The stunner silicone babe who, understandably, is one of the most popular flexi dolls on the market. Kyrille is quite literally the personification of sensuality.

Her perfect 32.68 inches, slender 21.65 inches waistline, and lifelike aesthetics are a testament to that. Plus, the fact that she is a tall doll (standing 5 feet and 5 inches) further brightens her allure.

If you like customizing your doll, then there is a lot of you to explore here.For starters, you can choose an entirely different head for Kyrille. You can also get her a nice new hairdo, modify the size of her areolas, change her eye color, alter her skin color, and of course, get her a flexible skeleton.

We tell you, this flexi sex doll is a wholesome package that you must not miss out on. 


Best Flexi Dolls Online

Are you feeling tired? Would you like some erotic-themed hospitality? Then Matylda is right here at your service. If you like being the dominating alpha kind, then you will surely find a soul mate in her.

She is designed with the intention to caress your deepest fetishes. So, it doesn’t matter how dark, or how forbidden your fantasies are, Matylda will be there to serve you.

Now, we know you might be curious about her measurements. She is a D-cup doll with her breasts measuring around 31.5 inches. Her ass measures around 32.28 inches and has a waistline of 20.87 inches. You have to admit, that’s a delicious set of measurements.

Oh, and about her customizations, there is a lot for you here as well. Apart from getting Matylda a flexi skeleton, you can change her hairstyle, give her eyes a new color, customize her skin tone, and even pick an entirely different color for her areolas. 


Best Flexi Dolls Online


No list about sex dolls, let alone flexible skeleton dolls, is complete without the mention of a spicy adult teenage schoolgirl. Lizelle is the one who does the honors here.

She may seem like just another nerdy schoolgirl on the block but that’s merely a facade she puts on. In actuality, this sex doll is horny as hell with a bottomless sexual appetite. This is to say that you will have toinvest a lot of time in the bedroom with her.

To talk about her measurements, Lizelle is a proud F-cup doll with a 29.92 inches breast size and an ass that goes 30.71 inches wide. It is fair to say that she has that perfect “naughty schoolgirl” physique. 

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