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Best 5 Sex Doll Accessories

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Add-on doll accessories can go a long way in enhancing your experience with a real doll. More often than not, add-on accessories are integral to a positive experience. What is even more surprising is that the accessories themselves complement each other, besides supplementing the main doll. From serving aesthetic purposes to enhancing experiences, add-on accessories never go out of fashion.

You must note that add-on accessories make a sex doll multi-functional and, at the same time, enrich the aesthetic attributes therein. That said, here are the best five add-on doll accessories you should have at your disposal.

1. Sex Doll Clothing

where to buy sex doll clothes

The key to an exquisite appearance is fine apparel. It determines how functional and attractive your silicone & TPE doll looks. Missing out on clothing when purchasing a Dutch wife will be a severe blunder. As you can mentally picture, your love doll may not appear that lovely without a dress on her. A dress reflects personality, poise, and vibe. Therefore, picking a wardrobe is an essential part of purchasing and owning a sex doll.

Furthermore, a piece of clothing is more than it appears to be. For instance, socks make your feet look pretty and comfortable at the same time. Now, your doll's feet are no exception. Just as you require socks to ensure comfort and keep your feet safe from dirt and unwanted foreign agents, your doll's feet also need them for material durability.

Talking about socks, a silicone protective sock is a commendable pick as it is naturally lightweight, soft, and breathable. This statement means that they will not harm the doll's delicate feet. Also, there are air-conductive holes that will ensure your doll's feet are not too wet or dry. They also come with anti-slip bottom design and help your doll stand easily. In a nutshell, silicone protective socks are highly elastic, durable, relatively easy to put on or off, washable, and dried naturally.

2. Replaceable Vagina Insert

doll vagina accessories

If you want to make cleaning your sex doll easy after a session easily, a replaceable vagina insert is the answer. 

Having one at your disposal will make things easier for you to a considerable extent. The importance of a replaceable insert aside, they are available in three sizes. You can make a pick of your own choice.

In the meantime, replaceable vagina inserts are basically made of TPE material. The inside is textured in such a way that it maximizes pleasure when you are having a session.

Also, keeping and maintaining a replaceable vagina is fairly easy. You only have to pull it out of your real doll partner after intercourse. The next step is to wash with a mild anti-bacterial soap, followed by rinsing and drying thoroughly. The procedure wraps up with applying powder and re-inserting the object into the doll.

3. Sex Doll Suspension Kit – Hooks & Head Stand 

Sex Doll Suspension Kit


Your accessories inventory is deficient without a suspension kit. You need sex doll hooks and headstand to hang your doll body or hold a doll head. What is a bonus is that the suspension kit can be utilized for most sex doll brands. 


4. Storage Kits & Cases

As of a storage case, the advantage of owning one goes a long way. To begin with, a storage case comes handy when you want your love doll hidden from prying eyes. With a storage case in place, you can stash away your Dutch wife but can easily find and use. You can have privacy and stave off unwanted scrutiny.

Going further, sex doll storage kits will come handy when you want to go out and wish to keep your dream lover safe and secure. They will help your doll maintain an ideal posture and help avoid bending or twisting that can undermine the doll’s structural integrity, such as tear and abrasion. They will help ensure that your doll’s physical features always remain intact, neither flattened nor scratched. Some doll owners also find it wise to invest in a wheelchair they can use to easily move their adult dolls when going to a mall or public area.

5. Beauty Products For Real Sex Dolls

beauty products for sex dolls

Your dream lover requires a dreamy look. She needs to look good. It is as simple as that. A fancy face needs fancy accessories. That said, there is some wonder you can achieve with sex doll beauty products. You see, the novelty of having a realistic doll may wear out over time. But with the intervention of beauty products, you can have a non-waning attractive face.

Each day you can wake up to sexy, drooping eyelashes and glossy lips that tempt the eyes. As such, here are some beauty products you must have to ensure your lifelike real doll remains as lovely as ever.

  • Eyelashes & lash glue
  • Nail Polish
  • Lip Gloss
  • Perfume
  • TPE doll stain remover
  • TPE Safe Cleanser
  • TPE glue
  • Wig Comb
  • Powder

In the meantime, you also need a makeup remover. There will be a time when you will like to put on new cosmetics. As is apparent, applied cosmetics will lose sheen over time, and you will be required to put on a fresh lip gloss and so on.

Where To Buy Clothing And Accessories For Sex Dolls?

Buying Doll Clothes

Many doll owners order doll clothes online from popular stores like eBay, Wish and similar online stores. Others use local buy/sell Facebook groups to purchase used and restored clothes. These come in very cheap and your realistic sex doll don't really mind provided they are in perfect condition. Be vigilant when purchasing used clothes from local groups as clothes may have some visible stains and stitch marks.

However, the only catch while shopping for doll clothes online is that you have to double-check the sizes before placing the order. Size mismatch is among the most common problems faced by doll owners ordering clothes online. Make sure you use a measuring tape to measure the doll boobs, waist and shoulders.

On the other hand, some doll owners visit their local apparel and clothing stores to look for affordable deals. Based on whether you are in the United States, UK, Canada or in any other country, look for an affordable apparel and clothing store nearby.

Visiting a local store lets you check the size and fabric of the clothes before buying them. Also, there is no wait time. So, if you can't wait for your order to arrive, simply walk into a local clothing store and buy something nice for your gorgeous life-size doll.

Buying Sex Doll Accessories:

Many online doll stores including SSW allow their customers to include add-on accessories while purchasing or customizing the doll. If you are to order a new doll soon, the best way to get hold of extra sex doll accessories is by ordering them with the love doll itself. This not only saves you money but also reduces your wait time compared to when you order them separately.

There are numerous online stores you can choose to buy doll accessories of your choice. However, make sure you confirm the specifications and compatibility with your real doll model before ordering. Also, look for the store's reviews and star ratings before proceeding with the purchase.

Buy Extra Doll Head With A Wig Of Your Choice:

If you are not happy with the looks of your TPE or silicone sex doll, you can buy a doll head instead of overspending on its makeup. You can order doll heads easily from any of the online love doll shops. When purchasing a head from SSW, you can opt for your choice of doll hair, skin and eye colors too. Having an additional doll head is a big plus and lets you enjoy easily switch between the two completely different looks.

Wrapping Up

There exist dozens of accessories that you can purchase separately and even avail the liberty of customization option. In the meantime, there are also accessories that you cannot buy in that manner. Certain accessories come attached to the sex doll itself, and you have to come to terms with what you receive. Sometimes, you don't get to avail enough customizations option. This completely depends on the model and the brand of your realistic doll. 

However, there is every certainty that an add-on accessory will enrich your experience with a realistic doll partner. That is to say, the absence of add-on accessories may result in a raw and unremarkable experience of sex doll ownership. From all this fuzz over add-on accessories, you will understand that dolls are nothing like a sex toy or typical handheld masturbator. The job is only half done until you have some of these useful accessories with you.

To create a memorable experience of owning a sex doll, you need complementary items. Your goal of buying a headstock in the first place is to get pleasure and satisfaction. Well, you won’t be disappointed if you have at hand the accessories needed to make the most of your love doll.

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