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Brand Review JY Doll Sex Dolls

3 min read

In this blog, we’re giving you all the ins and outs of one of the best-known manufacturers of sex dolls; JY Doll. As sex dolls are becoming increasingly popular in the UK and Europe it's created a surge, with sex doll manufactures popping up all over the place.

Unfortunately, this has caused a rift in the industry, with all sorts of 'discounted dolls' being sold to people who have had very disappointing end results. JY Doll, on the other hand, was one of the first manufacturers of modern sex dolls and have proven to be very reliable through the years, offering innovative, high-quality sex dolls. We are one of the few trusted suppliers of JY Doll.

JY Doll is based in Dongguan City in the Guangdong Province of China and specialises in TPE sex dolls. They manufacture many of the full-size sex dolls available on our site, but also offer an extensive range of realistic sex doll heads and accessories.

Over the years, they've optimised TPE manufacturing techniques to create a super realistic, smooth, skin-soft feeling. The dolls are also valued for their elasticity which helps maintain their durability.

As an added bonus, they only manufacture using National Health & Safety compliant materials which are environmentally friendly and entirely harmless to humans.

This may sound like a fundamental requirement, after all, you don't want to end up with a rash (or worse!) after a session with your doll, but believe it or not, this can happen when you buy a cheaply imported doll.

JY Doll has been exporting sex dolls for over 10 years, and have an outstanding track record of quality. JY Doll heads are compatible with all of the dolls we sell, which gives you tons of options when it comes to customising your sex doll.

If you want to try something different, you can just buy a new head which is a lot cheaper than buying a whole new doll. It's worth knowing however that skin tone can vary slightly between manufacturers.

As an official retailer, we're confident you'll be satisfied with your sex doll. There are also no import fees when buying though Silicone Sex World. You can also choose your own discreet delivery date as everything we sell is delivered from our UK warehouse.

How JY Doll's Stack Up To The Competition

In reality, there is a little difference in quality between JY dolls and WM Dolls (read our WM sex doll review here - WM being slightly more refined in our opinion). This is a very hot topic in the sex doll forums as both manufacturers specialise in TPE only and both offer plenty of choice. The TPE formula does differ slightly between manufacturers, so the feel and colours vary. This isn't really a concern when you consider just how different we are, it's really up to you what you like and dislike.

There are examples online of people complaining about a strong smell of the TPE with a brand new JY doll which is something we have experienced. However, this scent fades quickly when the doll is left in a ventilated room, often in our warehouse. A really strong smell can be a sign that the doll isn't genuine, which can occur when importing from an unknown site, or a marketplace like Alibaba. If you're considering buying a sex doll, out 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures this won't happen to you as we buy directly from the source.

JY Doll - The Hands-On Conclusion

To sum everything up, JY Doll is one of the most reputable and established manufacturers of high-quality TPE sex dolls. Creating dolls for over 10 years; their manufacturing techniques have been refined to an art, enabling them to produce real feeling, skin soft sex dolls.

As with any big purchase, it always pays to make sure your buying from a legitimate supplier, so you know you're not buying a shoddy knock-off. If you're buying a new doll, they can be tough to pose initially, but limber up the more you use them - they literally warm up to you. For total peace of mind, we examine every doll we distribute and provide a free wig, a sexy outfit and a USB vagina warmer.

Check out of range of JY Doll Heads and be spoilt for choice, whatever you're into.


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