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Introducing Our Members Area

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We have been working hard behind the scenes recently building our private member's community area, which we are very excited about.

The purpose of the community area is to allow our loyal SSW customers an area of the website where only they can access, meet other like-minded owners and also get premium support from our team should it be required.

This section of the website is available to SSW customers only and is not open to registrations to the general public. Each registration is checked to ensure you have ordered from us before.

You can use this area of the website to post images of your dolls (show off), ask questions and get advice from other SSW doll owners and team members.

Deals for Exclusive Members

To encourage the use of our members' area, we have a generous points scheme in place which means that each time you interact you will earn points which can then be used as a credit against any products. So for example, 1 point = £1 store credit. For signing up you will receive 10 points automatically. You can also earn 1 point per topic posted and 0.2 points each time you reply to a post. All of which can be tracked in your account. It can then be redeemed at any time. A monthly lottery will also run which will give away up to 100 points at a time to random users.

We also have an exclusive member deals section where each month we will post a new deal which will only be available to members. This will not be available on our main website and can save you hundreds of pounds.

A few other features include a sales section where you can sell your SSW acquired dolls to other users, as well as a free items section. In future, any competitions that we run or random product giveaways will be in our members section, to reward our loyal customers.

This section is not intended to replace us being active on any of the long established doll forums. Those forums are still extremely useful to both us and you, and we encourage you to use them.

To register for the members area click here.


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