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Silicone Sex World Finance Is Coming

2 min read

We're very excited about this one - you will soon be able to purchase your dolls on finance, through Silicone Sex World.

After some careful consideration and spending time speaking to many industry finance experts, we are in the final stages of being able to of setting up our finance facility.

How Will This Work?

We are still putting the final touches to our process, however we will be offering finance through a carefully selected partner who will be able to help you secure credit in order to pay for your doll over numerous months, dependant on the length you choose.

The application process will be discussed more on our website once it has been finalised, however you will essentially go to our partner page on the finance providers website, apply for finance - once accepted, your money will arrive in your bank and you can then complete your purchase on our website.

What Are The Rates?

The rates will start from as low as 4% - this is of course dependant on your situation and credit history.

Is Finance A Good Idea On A Sex Doll?

We certainly think so. A huge percentage of online retailers now offer finance to customers who simply do not want to folk out a large some immediately and would prefer to pay in instalments.

Although the finance is through a finance provider, we would always strong recommend against any customer taking out finance should they not be 100% certain this is something they are a) comfortable doing b) in a strong financial position.

When Is The Finance Starting?

We hope to have finance available on the website within the next week or so - if you are signed up to our newsletter, we will let you know then. We will be making further announcements on our social media channels and website.


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