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What 02 Years Of Sex Doll Repair & Maintenance Work Taught Me!

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There is so much to learn from caring for a Silicone & TPE sex doll for a period of one year, not to mention a period of two years. Luckily I own both silicone and TPE dolls. So there is a lot to learn from my two-year-spanning experience. I am of the notion that sharing it would benefit my fellow real doll owners. Just like one endlessly reads real reviews on doll forum before buying a doll, it is crucial that you understand what it takes to maintain a doll. After all, it is only fair that you give the best care you can to your lifelike real doll. As such I am sharing with you the lessons I learned from two years of sex doll repair and maintenance work.


Treat your TPE love doll with tenderness and care in the same way you would treat a real-life human partner.


Do you know that you can make a long-term partner of your adult love doll? That is possible if you regard and treat your love doll with tenderness, love and care. Depending on your quality of care and handling, your TPE or silicone sex doll will last anywhere from one to ten years. But with rough handling, that minimum two-year bar can still be a very blurry one, forget about ten years. It is not hard to find first-time doll owners who treated their doll roughly and ended up damaging it within the first few weeks. With high-quality care and maintenance, you can even make a life-term partner out of your very first doll.

Your real doll can easily last anywhere from one to ten years if you take good care of it. 

Therefore it will be very rewarding in terms of durability if you treat your real doll right. For starters, you should not leave your doll after a satisfying session or night just like that. In the same way, you will ask your human partner if she is all right, you should see to it that your adult doll is okay and in fine condition after a session. Just owning a life-size sex doll is not enough, you should continue to shower love, care and commitment. 


Lubricants Are Your Friend

Lubricant is as always useful as it sounds. Keep one at hand at all times!

Men want it tight. All men do. Needless to say, a smooth penetration is key to sexual gratification. To that end, you should always use lube during an intense session with your hot doll. Using a lubricant will reduce the impact of friction and help maintain the vaginal size of your sex doll. It not only reduces friction but also enhances longevity.

use lubes with sex dolls

Furthermore, a lube creates a sloppy toppy to enhance the experience and perfectly replicate intercourse with a human partner. To be specific, water-based lube is commendable as it is latex and material-friendly, especially for silicone. This is a very effective way to get the best experience. While, at the same time, it helps to preserve the material integrity of your realistic sex doll. 

We suggest refraining from silicone-based lubes for they are known to damage both TPE and silicone material. Moreover, oil and flavored/food based lubes are particularly harmful to the TPE skin of your doll. 

Irrespective of what material your doll is made of, it is always safe to stick to water-based lubes when enjoying a sexual intercourse with your adult doll. 


Cleaning Your Realistic Sex Doll is Mandatory!

You may be rolling your eyes at this as it can be a task. But this is so important that you cannot afford to ignore it. Whether it is a doll or a sex toy cleaning it regularly is something you wouldn't want to ignore. If you want your sex doll to last long, cleaning, is an integral part of the job.

Cleaning is very important, more so in the case of a TPE sex doll. This is because TPE is quite a porous material. Mold will develop in her anal, vaginal and oral cavities if you leave your doll dirty for a long time. Needless to say, this can cause health problems and infections to the doll owner.

sex doll cleaning tips

The cleanliness of doll hair is also very important. Well, more important than you think; it is beneficial for both you and the doll. You may be asking why. Will your sex doll hair start to smell bad or will not retain their original looks? No, it is not like that. The hygienic state of your sex doll hair has to do more with your health than hers (not that she does not benefit from clean hair, she does!). There is a chance that your seminal fluid may come in contact with her hair during intense intercourse and lead to contamination.

Not just that, sweat and cum from your body may make the doll hair sticky and rough. So when you notice that her hair is not clean or does not smell fresh or has traces of semen, wash it right away. Frequency of cleaning doll hair completely depends on you. If it is your first doll then try to wash the doll hair once a week at least. You will eventually learn what frequency works best for you and your real doll.  

Make sure you never submerge sex doll head in the water. Just gently clean the hair with or without shampoo.


Skeletal Care Is An Important Job

Take note that your sex doll comes with a metal skeleton that has several fixed and movable joints. It allows her to be flexible and perform a wide range of poses.

skeletal care is an important job

Furthermore, the skeleton is intended/manufactured for an upright position. Therefore do not leave her in bent positions for a long period nor leave her standing on her feet on end. It could damage her skin and her underlying skeleton. Alternating her posture on a regular basis will be the ideal measure.


Ensure Safe Storage Method For Your Sex Doll

You are not going to use your sex doll 24/7. You may be away from home for a week to a month down the line. And this is where storage comes into the picture as proper storage will ensure that your sex doll is in good condition. Proper storage also helps maintain your safety when using your sex doll. As such the issue of storage is something you cannot simply ignore.

To begin with, when purchasing a sex doll you must not forget to factor in the storage details. You must work out a safe storage method with your vendor. Generally, you will be provided cotton wrappers to cover up your sex doll before leaving her in storage space. You must be careful while doing so and never misplace the covers. Some covers can even cause damage to your sex doll and expose you to harmful chemicals therein. So give attention to the kind of covers you use as well.

safe storage for sex dolls

It is pretty safe to store your TPE or silicone sex doll in the shipping box under the bed. However, irrespective of where you store, make sure that your love doll is not damp or wet. Failing to maintain this can be disastrous. Your realistic sex doll can be a breeding ground for moulds and germs. Make sure that both the doll and the place you put in are dry and cool. Moreover, when not in use it is commendable to avail the Closet Bar Suspension (CBS). It is a storage kit for maintaining safe storage of your real doll.


Repair Tools & Accessories

Keep certain repair tools and other related accessories at hand for you will need them down the line

Repairing is as much a part of owning a realistic sex doll as cleaning. To that end, you need certain tools. That said, depending on the types of tear or damage, the repair kit and tools you require will vary. As such given below are the basic repair tools and doll accessories you must have.

  • Stain remover - a stain occurs more frequently than anything. Therefore having a stain remover is a necessity. Most doll stain removers are relatively an inexpensive doll accessory but it does help keep your doll looks intact.
  • Silicone or TPE glue - you can use this to patch up any doll tears including vaginal, anal and lip tears. TPE glue is relatively cheaper but comes really handy when you want to fix small tears on the doll body.
  • Baby oil and Vaseline - they are used widely depending on the requirements. Apart from being used to keep the doll skin healthy, they are also used when repair work is done with a heat gun, to distribute heat evenly.
  • Heat gun with 1.5-kilowatt ranges - this is a very versatile repairing tool that works by heating/melting. You can fix almost everything from neck damage to arm tear, abrasion and ripped ears. It is typically used to fix a big mess.
  • Infrared gun - you need this to measure the temperature of the heat applied when working with a heat gun.
  • Sample TPE material - to practice and master the skill of applying the right amount of heat on the doll skin when working with a heat gun. This test piece comes handy, especially if you are a first-timer.


Intelligent Vagianal Cleaning Kit

Cleaning a realistic sex doll's vagina does take some efforts and not every doll owner is able to put in the same kind of efforts. Therefore, for everyone who thinks cleaning the vagina is quite a cumbersome task, WM Dolls have released an effective and intelligent cleaning kit. This special vaginal clearing set looks modern and can be purchased as an additional doll accessory when buying a doll. Most doll stores will allow you to buy this modern kit right before you checkout.

The WM Doll cleaning kit is easy is to assemble and use. It is an effective way to regularly clear your doll's vagina without any hassles. It comes with a nozzle that is attached to two tubes and a few wires. All you have to do is insert the nozzle into the vagina and adjust the controls on the device. This cleaning kit also has a display screen to show the selected function and options. Once you learn how to use this kit, it usually takes a single press of a button to completely disinfect and clear the doll's vagina.

I have been using this kit for the past few months and it does seem to do what it promises. However, it may take you some time to learn to use it effectively. Like any other kit, there is a learning curve involved and a little patience is required to completely master the functions on this kit. If you are ordering doll for the first time I would recommend you try this kit out. It may be slightly expensive but it is totally worth it given the amount of time it is going to save you.


The learning never stops and the best way to learn is to actually own a real sex doll. Reading about it is never enough. Theoretical knowledge never beats actual experience. Buy one, own one and the learning will take place naturally. After all, a real sex doll is not a human being and therefore the owner has to care for it and should have the skill to that end.

In the meantime, I would like to say that two years of owning a sex doll has taught me more than maintenance and repair work. If one is committed to it, one can find a very rewarding and fulfilling relationship. Moreover, if correct and regular maintenance/repair is done, a realistic sex doll can easily last up to 8-10 years. This means a long-term relationship with one specific realistic doll you build a bond with. This should be something every real customer out there should strive for.

The most concrete step towards maintaining the safety of your realistic doll is to keep her out of harm’s way. The rest will follow automatically. Also, make it a point to inspect your TPE sex doll regularly for damage. One of the best times to do so is while cleaning. Keep a keen eye for any tear or abrasion during cleaning.

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