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Unboxing A Sex Doll - Customer Point Of View

2 min read

An extremely common question that we are asked from our new customers is 'how will my sex doll arrive', 'what is included in the box', 'how big is the box'.

We have put together a short post to show you exactly what you can expect when ordering a sex doll from Silicone Sex World.

Does The Doll Contain Any Markings Or Signs Of The Contents?

As you can see, the doll will arrive in a completely plain brown box with no markings on as to the contents. We are required to give a description to the shipping company of the contents of the dolls. This is marked as a personal item. This ensures that even the courier delivering the doll to you is not aware of the contents.

The box can be fairly heavy, in which case if asked what is the contents of the box, furniture or something similar can be a good answer.

How Is The Doll Packaged Inside The Box?

This completely depends on the brand of doll that you order. The doll shown in this post is a WM Doll. These dolls tend to have very good packaging, although it would be fair to say that a Z One Doll is king of packaging (we will demonstrate this in a future post).

You can see from the image below, the doll arrives in a box that is well padded out and has set compartments for various different items that arrive with the doll. They also have a wood guard on the box to prevent any damage to the neck and feet during transport.

How Is The Head Protected During Shipping?

In this example, the head of the doll will sit in a small compartment which has been designed to protect it during the lengthy transport journey.

The head will arrive inside a protective bag to prevent any dust or dirt buildup. The eye area on the doll will also have a protective mask, to protect the delicate eyelashes and makeup.

How Are The Accessories Packaged?

The accessories are not prone to damage during shipping, so they are simply including in another compartment within the box. As you can see below, 2 wigs are included with our dolls as well as a free random outfit.

What Is Included In The Cleaning Kit With The Doll?

The cleaning kit is pretty comprehensive and will include a douche (the clean on the vagina of the doll), protective gloves for handing the doll should you need them, a hair brush, a USB vagina warmer to help heat up the internal orifices of the doll. Finally, you will also get a free hanging hook with the doll.

Is Anything Else Included?

Generally speaking, no. If you have ordered any extras such as transsexual adaptors then they will be included the same package. If you have ordered any additional TPE cleaner or glue, they will arrive at a different time as they cannot be shipped with the item.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us on our live chat, contact form or call us.



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