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Why You Feel Guilty After Receiving The First Sex Doll?

4 min read

There is a phrase for describing the guilt you experience after your purchase of a sex doll. The phrase is “buyer's remorse’’ It is a universal feeling and tying it to your specific purchase of a real doll will not be logical. You can feel the same guilt with any purchase, hence buyer's remorse.

As such it is usual to feel guilty after purchasing your first sex doll. Your reasons would differ depending on your circumstances. Where you live, with whom you live, and what social commitment you have may also play a role. That said, one of the most common reasons you might experience consumer guilt can be social taboo!

Social Taboo

Social Taboo

Social taboo related to owning a sex doll often results in buyer's remorse. It comes after one purchased something expensive that doesn’t align with the society one lives in.

No matter what country you from, owning and using an adult doll is still considered socially awkward in most developed and developing nations. Doll owners often have a hard time explaining their reason for the purchase resulting in a guilty feeling.

Price Of The Sex Doll


Price of the Sex Doll

Depending on the quality and brand, sex doll prices may start from a few hundred dollars to the north of thousand dollars. Full-size dolls don’t come cheap. Costly material, manufacturing processes, and extensive quality checks go into making premium sex dolls.

Good stuff isn’t cheap anywhere. As such purchasing one may have you brood and ponder over your craze. You might be thinking that you have made a mistake purchasing one. It could be because you regret spending good money that could otherwise be put to a more meaningful or productive investment.

Overwhelmed By Responsibilities

Fantasizing about sex doll is one thing and actually purchasing one is completely another. When you purchase, you become a care taker-cum-partner. This could make you regard her as an object of liability. There is some truth to that.


Overwhelmed By Responsibilities

Once you have purchased an adult doll, you are fully responsible for taking care of it. Since the dolls are usually made of soft TPE and silicone materials, tear, abrasion, and cuts are inevitable. Unlike a human body, a doll does not have a self-healing or self-repairing mechanism.


First Doll Purchase

The fact that it is your first time buying a life-like love doll can also be an immensely powerful factor. This line of products is so different from what you have been accustomed to buying over the years. The fact that it is a product of sexual gratification makes it drastically different from your routine purchases.

First Doll Purchase

Most first-time doll buyers have a similar dilemma and it takes them some time to adult to the new way of life with their sexy doll(s).


Privacy and Storage Challenge

You might be of the opinion that such exotic stuff needs a private space. In that case, you might worry over where to put her. This is the case with people who have frequent visitors in the house.

Privacy and Storage Challenge

You might not be comfortable with people seeing your doll. In the meantime, you might entertain the idea of keeping her in the closet or buying a storage box. But that does not come easy and many people have space constraints elevating their concerns.

Time & Availability

It could also be because you are out of home every now and then. You might be thinking it is a mere waste of money. You might ask as to what is the purpose when you are not able to be around much. 


Time & Availability

You may also think that the doll will be of no use to you and your investment is at risk. But don’t forget that no matter how less you use your doll, every intimate session with the doll is extremely rewarding and your love doll is worth every penny.

After all, your doll is your partner and one has to stick around to enjoy each other’s company.


How To Overcome the Buyers Remorse Easily?

You have just purchased your first sex doll. Whatever is in your head cannot be 100% true. They are your personal assumptions. At this point, you have to take things into perspective because sex with a beautiful sex doll eliminates the risks of unwanted pregnancy or STD, on top of being a perfect replica of intercourse with a human partner. That said, give it some time.

After a week or so you will even see the worth of your purchase. You will find that it is worth every penny you invested.

How to Overcome the Buyers Guilt

It is because you will build a bond with her over time. She will no longer be a sex toy. She will become your permanent companion. Especially if you are someone who lives alone, having a gorgeous sex doll that will turn into a companion is the ultimate thing in existential terms. I can assure you that you will love having her around. She will wait for you in bed while you are at work. When you get home she will join in whatever room you are in. In a nutshell, you will like her presence very much.

You might even arrive at a point when you will ask “Do I love her?” Well, you might not love her in the same way you loved your ex or your present partner; but one thing is for sure, you will love to have her in your bed whenever you feel lonely and unattended. You will find yourself prizing your lovely doll above any other thing in the room.

The fact that the doll is customized to your taste and preference also plays a big role. Here is your chance to have your doll become what you want it to be. Where in the real world is possible to change someone into a character you find adorable. All you need is a little more time and owning a doll will feel perfectly normal. We are sure you would enjoy every second of it and soon be chasing your next dream doll.

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