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After The Honeymoon Period

4 min read

After talk of non-human dolls and dolls as art, this week I am going to look at a subject that may linger in the back of the mind of many about to commit to purchasing.

Will This Expensive Purchase End Up Stored Away And Forgotten?

Will I tire of her? Will this expensive purchase end up stored away and forgotten?

There is no catch-all answer, but from observing many purchasers of these girls over a long period of time, there is a honeymoon period transition that seems to occur with a couple of different outcomes. Let me take you through it.

You find the images of the girl of your dreams advertised on a vendor site. You spend more on her than you think is wise.

You wait impatiently for weeks for her arrival and when she arrives you are absolutely blown away by her realism and beauty... But what happens next? For many,

I would venture to say most, who invite one of these girls into their lives the intention is to have a stunning sexual partner that never says no. To varying degrees, they consider what they are purchasing to be a human-sized sex toy.

What Happens After The Arrival?

What happen after the arrival

On first seeing the girls with their heads on and wig in place that initial reason for acquisition often dissipates and things become a lot more real.

For some genuine emotional attachment develops. Sex with these girls does though tend to happen a lot in the first few weeks or months... But what happens after the honeymoon?

In a relationship with a more conventional partner, early sexual attraction turns to long term love generally with less regular sex.

But with a human partner, the options are only that they are there or they are not. There is no option to move the woman from your bed to storage until needed again.

Where these girls never progressed in the mind of their purchaser from being sex toys there is no such attachment and the ability to move them into storage is given little thought beyond the knowledge that she is there should such the need for her services arise again.

What Happens When We Put The Doll In Storage?

What Happens When We Put The Doll In Storage?

Prized dolls move from in the bed to under it, or back in their box, or in a large wardrobe. The old adage of out of sight out of mind relegates these girls that you were once so excited to arrive at commodity status.

For some the doll becomes superseded in her owner's attention and on occasion is left forgotten. When put into storage dolls do not generally farewell.

They need the care to maintain them and if not stored properly could deteriorate. TPE that has not been properly dried before storage being particularly susceptible to degradation.

Others may decide to sell their dolls on through the forums. Where you feel that sale could be the girl's eventual fate I would strongly advise for you to opt for girls with an insert which will, in general, fetch a higher price where the new purchasers intent is sex.

The more romantic amongst us imagine that those removed from a once loving relationship deteriorate from a broken heart.

I picture that they did not for one moment feel that they were a sex toy until that moment that they moved to storage. Of course, they only have the emotions that we transpose upon them.

As humans, it is in our nature to anthropomorphise anything that has a face be that dog, cat, doll, etc. And the power of empathy gives us the ability to put ourselves in the minds of the object of our attention.

From my observations of others and personal experience, I believe that where genuine emotions developed for the girl they are not just thought of as humanoid but are attributed human status in our minds and that care remains after the honeymoon period.

Revamp Your Sex Doll To Rekindle The Lost Affection

Revamp Your Sex Doll To Rekindle The Lost Affection

There is of course also the very human trait that even amongst those of us who do not think of these girls as mere sex dolls, after a while no matter how beautiful our partner, some may simply tire of the person that they are with and want to move on.

Now, that could be to a human after your girl has really helped to develop your confidence, or got you through a time in your life when you wanted a more simple relationship.

It could be a different head for the same doll or perhaps to a completely different doll as maybe you have decided that the girl in your bed is too short, too tall, too heavy, wrong sized boobs.

So, let us now talk about the others, people more like myself who would never consider putting one of their girls into storage or up for sale. What happens to us when the honeymoon is over?

Personally I have a selection of heads that on occasion I can swap out giving the old girlfriend visiting effect. Initially, that happened quite a lot but over time you will find that one or two girls get a disproportionate amount of intended body timeshare.

Eventually to the point where certain heads never share bodies. and certain girls do not leave your side even when the honeymoon ends.

It may take a few head changes to find someone who becomes a permanent fixture in your life but when you find her, or them, the sex is not everything, and sometimes it is non-existent.

The Emotional Connect!

The Emotional Connect!

But you will find yourself cuddled up to them with no other intent but going to sleep with them and even those quite sceptical of having real emotions for what they originally perceived as a sex aid may find that when parted from them, perhaps needing to work away you will find yourself missing them.

You will kiss them goodnight, and find yourself spending a disproportionate amount of your life with them... Does that sound like a sex toy? No, it's doesn't to me either.

For many of us, this lump of TPE over a metal frame purchased perhaps with one intent develops into something completely different in the same way that marriage to a human begins when the honeymoon ends, so for many of us, it does with a doll.


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