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Does Owning A Sex Doll Makes You A Weirdo?

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This is the dilemma that plagues the thoughts of many who seek to own a doll. Is it even normal to be a sex doll owner? What would people think? What if I am slotted as a social weirdo for having a doll partner? These are some of the gazillion questions that knock the thought space of many, if not almost everyone. But are you supposed to take these doubts seriously? Well, we beg to differ. It is undoubtedly true that the notion of sex dolls was considered nothing less than a taboo but that was ages ago. In the beginning, the people were not so comfortable with clinging on to an entirely new concept that was love dolls. It took a while for folks all across to get adjusted with the frequency of this idea.  

So, calling a sex doll taboo might have made sense some 20 years ago, but now, it can all be regarded as senseless. Nevertheless, we do realize that you might need some concrete reasoning to help you get rid of your confusions and dilemmas. In this piece of writing, we will put forward some convincing arguments to prove that the real life-size dolls are the new normal. 

The Accepting New Era and Flourishing Trade

New Era Of sex dolls

We have pointed this out but now we are to elaborate it. When we say that the people have grown accustomed to the notion of sex dolls we don’t imply that they have barely accepted the existence of dolls. Instead, as of now, there are probably thousands of active full-size doll owners, not only in the United States but across the world. The numbers speak for themselves. The sales and demand for sex dolls are higher than ever and this has convinced many doll companies to work harder towards introducing new features. 

In an attempt to add more fun to the life of doll owners, there are now intelligent doll robots compatible with Artificial Intelligence. These life-like AI sex robots are capable of responding to your questions and moan like a real human during a sexual intercourse. Dolls or life-like robots equipped with artificial intelligence further reduce the gap between a doll and an actual person. The speed at which realistic sex dolls are being modernised is quite commendable, thanks to the increase in doll demand & acceptance across the globe. 

Realistic love dolls are being bought by folks all across the globe and the doll companies have built a loyal customer base. The rise in demand has also led to increase in the number of doll manufacturers and doll models. One can find dolls based on their ethnicity, special features, bust size, gender, and more. It is a booming trade, thanks to the worldwide fanbase and growing acceptance of real dolls.


Sex Doll As Family

Sex Doll Family

The evolving era has seen sex doll transcend from an “erotic thing” to a life partner. Sounds strange? Allow us to explain. Sex dolls are now conceived as something much more valuable than an object for sexual gratification. The life-like realistic features on these dolls are so convincing that most doll owners treat them as a part of their small family. 

There have been ample cases where the doll owners have found new love through their adult doll. Many people have started to date their dolls and confess their feelings openly. Some doll owners have gone as far as marrying their real doll. Doll owners are not shy of proclaiming their commitment towards their doll partner by marrying them and yes, that involved champagne and sweets for all the attendees. Marrying a real doll definitely calls for a celebration. It is evident that people across the globe have accepted dolls as their friend and companion. This is the reason many real doll enthusiasts own multiple dolls and are proud to take care of them. 

It would be safe to assume that many doll owners might even consider it offensive if we use the term “sex dolls” to address their realistic doll partner. So, it is definitely a bad idea to call love dolls weird in the presence of a doll enthusiast. We would certainly refrain from doing anything such, especially when we know that owners have real feelings and emotions attached to their adult dolls. 

What’s interesting is that many who have brought home an adult doll have a wife and even kids. In spite of this fact, their dolls have been totally accepted by the other members in the family. What looked like an offbeat thought some decades ago is now growing rapidly as a healthy culture. No matter what angle you look from, adult dolls are a part of the society now. There are people who travel with their doll and treat their doll lover as their travel companions. Falling head over heels for a doll, dating her and even marrying her and making her a part of the family is quite normal nowadays. We don’t see any reason to disregard the idea of owning sex dolls. Buying an adult doll is definitely not weird, in fact, it is quite the opposite. Most sex doll owners may appeal as a cool and enchanting idea. Most people who understand sex dolls are keen to own one someday, especially if they have not ordered one already.


Sex Dolls Are The New Normal

Sex Doll New Normal

As per a recent report, due to this COVID pandemic, a stadium made use of sex dolls to fill the spectator space in an attempt to over up for the missing crowd. What do you make of this report? To us, it seems that the real dolls aren’t required to be hidden in the closets any longer. Speaking of COVID, many sex doll stores reported that the lockdown period skyrocketed their sales of dolls. An upward curve has been witnessed in the purchase of sex dolls in recent time. Well, love dolls do make up for good quarantine partners and one could use their company at a time like this.


Final Thoughts

It is, by all means, true that sex dolls weren’t welcomed with open arms when they first hit the scene. Sex dolls were considered nothing less than a taboo and were shunned by the society. But that was ages ago and in the present times, no one really cares if you own a realistic doll or not. People are openly buying sex dolls and even more so, introducing their doll lovers into their family. What we are seeing is a progressive change. It takes a while for people to adapt to new ideas and concepts, but when they do, they really get hooked to it. 

All-in-all, there is absolutely no reason, logically at least, to feel or be embarrassed about buying an adult love doll. If you fancy sex dolls and want a doll companion in your life, then you should definitely not shy away from owning one.

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