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The Elves Are Coming!

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Please forgive the obvious double entendre of that title. This week's blog is a little different in that we will not be chatting about the sort of purchasing that many readers will have previously considered but rather looking at some of the alternatives that doll ownership can provide.

The other day I saw a blue doll from SM with cat-like features. Immediately I recognised her as one of the Maenad from the video game Titan Quest.

Similarly, WM is making heads such as #302 and to a lesser extent #286 that go beyond easily concealed pointy ears of earlier elf girls where the manufacturers may have just been testing the market, to strongly emphasise a distinctly non-human or enhanced human appearance.

Human featured dolls are representations of girls that exist, could exist, or have existed in the real world.

 human featured

The girl that you choose to create will be based on the idea of the physicalisation of one's perfect partner and may perhaps be tied to a real person personality.

Conversely, creating humanoid, non-human partners to interact with gives physical substance to the imagination which may create a strong bond not cluttered by thoughts as to there is an option to meet her in the real world.

That said, even with imagined partners, if the doll is based on a character from a film or video game she is still likely to inherit that characters personality.

For example, if one were to recreate Tauriel from the film of the Hobbit, the personality may be strongly influenced by the feisty, strongly independent but deeply loyal and loving personality of her big-screen persona.

The big difference is that you have breathed life into her, you have brought her from imagination into reality. She now exists in your world and is sitting there looking at you waiting to get to know you.

What if your interest relates more to creatures of the night rather than those of the forest? Well, there are also vampire heads for you.

Plus there are after the sale, high quality, realistic, removable resin mouth inserts availably capable of enhancing many heads that do not already have their own TPE teeth.

For those like myself brought up reading Tolkien and mesmerised by Jackson's adaptation of the books the idea of being able to breathe life into the physical embodiment of a silvan elf was a prospect not to be missed.

Certainly, the opportunity has never been better as in the post lord of the rings cosplay world finding suitable, good quality, realistic clothing, wigs and boots are nowhere near as difficult as one might imagine.

Your Perfect Cosplay Companion

Without a doubt, my eBay and Amazon search skills have improved exponentially in looking for realistic medieval and renaissance clothing for my own ever-growing contingent of elf girls.

That leads to another advantage of having a distinctly non-human doll in your life as they present the opportunity to hide your girl in plain sight.

Your Perfect Cosplay Companion

A life-size wood elf or blue alien stood fully clothed in the corner of the room is an ornament, a talking piece, a collector's item. Indeed, for some that are exactly what these girls are.

A common misconception is that these are merely sex dolls where with high-end TPE and Silicone girls the reality is somewhat closer to them being interactive works of art.

Yes, sex with them is an option in the same way that you can use the internet to watch porn but having the internet does not necessitate that is what you are doing with it.

Beyond simply having her in your life, a world of photo opportunities and stop motion films opens up with the acquisition of your perfect cosplay companion.

Dolls Of Your Choice

By special order for a small additional cost SM now offer all of their dolls in Blue, Green, Grey and Black as well as all of the standard colours.

This is not a new thing but where others seem to have largely outgrown bespoke skin tone commissions at a reasonable price, conversely SM has embraced the concept, identifying the potential of this largely untapped market as a real growth area.

That is not to say that Jinsan is falling behind, far from it. Two of their last thirteen heads have been non-human.

Unlike Artificial Intelligence and robotics, changing the colour of a doll or giving her non-human characteristics is not a concept that is still in its infancy but rather all of the technology and skill already exist to create the girl of your fantasies.

For some that will be the three-breasted Venus doll from Dolls 4ever. For others, a blue-skinned Na' vi from SM, and for others a pale skinned vampire or some Silvan creature from film, game, myth or legend created by the magicians in the Jinsan design studios.

With the right clothes DS doll Kayla makes an excellent 2B from Nier: Automata. Ciri from The Witcher, Morrigan from Dragon Age, Liara and Tali from Mass Effect are all only a doll order and a bit of cosplay shopping away.

Need help finding the right doll or the right clothes? You might be surprised at how many others have wanted to create the same look like yourself and the forums are always full of people more than happy to help point you in the right direction to find that elusive wig or pair of boots to complete the look.

Are Elf Dolls More Expensive?

I can already hear what you are thinking... Is this all expensive? Whilst the clothes can cost a lot for film prop level clothing.

For the doll herself, generally not so much. At the extreme end of the market reserved perhaps more for lottery winners there exists the option, if our funds allow, to have the exact head and/or body that we want making for us if it does not already exist.

Are Elf Dolls More Expensive

One of the moderators on The Doll Forum has a bright red silicone demon complete with tail and horns that was made originally as a bespoke commission for a film company by Abyss creations (the makers of Realdoll).

Of course, her $50,000 original price tag is well beyond the majority of us but I include mention of her here as an example that absolutely anything is now possible and unlike that red demoness an awful lot are well within the budget of anyone looking to buy a doll.

And certainly, for an Elf in a standard skin tone, she will not cost you a penny more than any other doll.

The options available to create your dream girl are certainly not restricted to the few manufacturers and models mentioned within this blog but rather these should simply be considered an example of what is already available.

And with that golden ticket into the world of your own imagination. Just remains to say, have fun creating the girl, quite literally, of your dreams.


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