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The Pros And Cons of Sex Doll Ownership [2021 Update]

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So you’ve done it, you’ve bought a luxury sex doll. You’ve done your research, picked your doll, ordered her and the box has arrived. It’s all great from here on in then? Well, there are pros and cons to owning a sex doll and this post will highlight the pros before moving on to the cons in the Successing part. Wagering on the fact that these love dolls present a giant gamut of perks can be considered a good bet. So, without further adieu, let’s ride on the “pros” train, shall we?


Appetizing Sex Life

Appetizing Sex Life

The most obvious pro is sex. Whenever you want it. She will never say no, never have a headache, and can never get pregnant. Not everyone buys a sex doll just for the sake of sex, but many do and they can practice any position they want with her to their heart’s content. This can also make you more confident in dealing with a real woman too. But in my experience, there’s a lot more to a doll than the sex aspect.

Realistic Full-Size Sex Dolls

Realistic Life-Like Doll

The sheer appearance of her is a dream for the eyes but she also engages other senses such as touch. The feel of her is extremely close to a real woman, rub your fingers along her body with your eyes closed and you probably won’t be able to tell the difference. The texture with its silky smooth surface is uncannily life-like too. It is this smoothness combined with a firm softness which the best manufacturers have got down to a fine art. The experience can only be defined as a surreal one. A humane-level pleasure derived from an adult doll. 

Love Dolls Are Best Destresser

Best Destresser

I find that hugging her is the ultimate destresser as it releases a great deal of tension. Coming home from work and knowing she is there is a real help in getting through the working day.

Trust me, it’s the best destressing exercise by a long shot. 

Satisfy Your Fetish

Satisfy Your Fetish

However, I have come to a realization that the sex doll has a lot more to offer than a stress-relieving exercise. 

Imagine your dream girl made real. That’s what your doll can be. All men have a feminine ideal in their heads and what man would not want to indulge in their ultimate fantasy? With a sex doll, this is exactly what you can do. In my case, my ideal woman was a famous sex symbol from the 1960s, so I found out her measurements and height and ordered a doll in her image. Or at least as close to her image as I could get short of full bespoke customization. Just think, you could come home and there she is your ideal fantasy woman lying on your sofa. She will always be pleased to see you. The fantasy part holds true for your specific or say peculiar fixations. 

Do you have any specific fetishes? Do you like huge breasts? You’ve got it. Small breasts? You’ve got it. Me personally, I’m a legs-man so a short doll wouldn’t do it for me. A fetish (love doll) to satiate a fetish, who doesn’t like the sound of that?

The Wholesome, Long-Term Companionship

The Wholesome, Long-Term Companionship

Owning a doll is like having a companion who will always be there for you. It’s amazing the way you come to enjoy her presence and it also allows you to express your masculinity. They can be a great remedy for loneliness too. I’ve always been a solitary person who enjoys my own company but it’s great knowing there is someone there who you can express affection towards without any fear of rejection. In other words, a love doll is fully and efficiently capable of dispersing your isolation. Whether we loner folks might plainly dismiss it, but deep inside we fancy some warm and strong company. Now that we have mentioned it, dolls are pretty strong too. 

You may have been through a divorce and been bled dry financially by your other half. This has made you fearful of getting into another relationship. Buying a sex doll is a great way of easing you back into the world of relationships, knowing also that she won’t be asking you for any money. Older men too, who may find it difficult to attract younger women, can get the next best thing by buying a sex doll.

Owning Real Doll May Help Attract Women Attention

Attract Women Attention

Owning a sex doll can also make you more attractive to women. How? Because you will convey the impression that you are having sex with a hot woman and this is something women will pick up on, thus sparking their competitive nature. It makes you come across as less needy too which is itself an attractive quality to women. It’s what they say “the best competitive spirit sounds something like jealousy.” 

The plain fact here is - the less desperate you are, the more attractive you look, at least when it comes to ladies. Also, when you go through all the hassles of getting your doll all “dolled up” (no puns intended), you get a good look at how the female version of humans carry themselves. Which is another way of saying that you get a little closer to the psyche of women. Cheers!

Dolls Are Great for Practicing Photography

Practice Photography

Apart from the great giant perks that we just mentioned, there are some soft and subtle merits too. These dolls are great if you want to practice photography. They can be put into different positions and will not move from those positions, where-as obviously humans can only hold positions for short lengths of time. It lets you refine and renovate your art. Now, who says practice and pleasure don’t go hand in hand?

Also...A Free Work Out 

Do you go to a gym? You won’t need to once you get a sex doll. Their weight is such that you will develop muscles in places you never knew existed! So owning a doll will also give you a free work-out! That actually saved us from a hefty monthly gym membership fee. Way to go Doll!

Conclusion - Are Sex Dolls Worth It?

A sex doll without a doubt impresses with its flashy set of perks and benefits. This escalates the standard of an adult doll from a mere silicone sex object to something much more useful.

Of course, some people will say that a sex doll is just an advanced sex toy for masturbation. And technically that is correct. But the benefits of owning a sex doll are many and varied. In fact, I believe that every man should have one and if they did, there would be less of stress and more of peace on our planet. If that’s not a good enough reason for owning one, I don’t know what is!

Infographic - Benefits of Owning a Sex Doll

Infographic - Benefits of Owning a Sex Doll

You can now read the cons of sex doll ownership here.

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October 12, 2020

The pros of owning a sex doll definitely outweigh the cons..think about how pricey it is to have a girlfriend nowadays…and they are always asking for$$$$$$

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