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Unintended Consequences

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When I got my First Love Doll, “Allie”

When I got my First Love Doll, “Allie”

(WM head #36) I didn't really consider the longer term consequences of her presence in my home.  She was initially bought to fill a hole in my lonely life and to reduce the palpable emptiness in a fairly large bachelor pad!  It really was a bachelor pad, with no female influence whatsoever.  Everything had a function, no decor other than paint on the walls and uninspiring ornamentation.  After all, I lived alone and it was my space, so wasn’t particularly interested in how it looked to others.

How She Helped Me Be Organized?

When Allie stepped through the door, so many things in my life changed.  I made efforts to tidy up the place well before she arrived, and over the last three years, she has motivated me to keep on top of the housework and keep things clean and tidy.  ‘How?’ you may ask.  Well no, she does not nag at me, it’s because I like to photograph her throughout the house and publish those efforts on the UK Love Doll Forum, so I now have a reason to go around the house making sure that it’s tidy for those photographs.  A lovely artistic piece of femininity sitting in an untidy mess is not aesthetically pleasing to me or particularly suitable for publication.

Of course, to show the best of my new partner to forum members, I had to get myself a new camera, along with a number of books, a photographic studio with backdrops and lighting stands, reflective umbrellas, editing software, props, and a whole load of other odds and ends. 

“Maria” My Second Model Doll

“Maria” My Second Model Doll

I’ve always had an interest in photography, but now I have to myself a permanently available subject with endless character.  Well, almost endless, as I confess I obtained Maria, my second love doll, to act as an antagonist in my photo shoots with Allie.  Unsurprisingly, at time of publication, I now have four of these wonderful ladies sharing the sofa (and the bathroom).

Allies’ girly presence has had many other effects on me.  If someone told me I’d become an expert in blusher, lippy and eye shadow application, I’d have asked them to go see a doctor, but I do now have some expertise in applying makeup without Coco the Clown getting overly jealous.

These girls can certainly lead us down paths never trodden previously.

But, it’s not just makeup.  Whenever I go out to buy something for the home, whether it be bedding, wallpaper, ornaments, whatever, I think ‘How will this look in the photographs with Allie?’, so she even influences me when she’s nowhere near me. 

Life Before Allie

Before she came into my life, I wouldn’t have given much thought to how things looked; I was much more interested in functionality rather than any perceived feminine aesthetics.  Man, I even have flowers around the house and a dressing table and stool especially for them!

Character defining femininity should be celebrated, feminists and feminism, perhaps less so?

One of the problems with being a ‘doll guardian’ is that if she sleeps with you, and you have a closed eye girl (e.g. WM head #59) you will find it increasingly difficult to extract yourself from beneath the bed covers.  This, I feel, is guaranteed.  When she’s cuddled up with you, with your arms entwined, her head resting on your chest, the smell of her hair, a gentle snoozing, you just won’t want to disturb her (or yourself). 

Take Pride in Caring For Her

You may, in your mind, even feel her breath on your chest.  You really need to plan ahead and make sure you are not late for work every morning.  The weekends are, of course, your own and you have every right to make good use of the free time you have earned with your new lady friend, who is sharing heartbeats close beside you.

So, in a nutshell, if you live with something that has such presence, you will be influenced by it unfailingly.  Her needs will become your needs and you really cannot blame her for it, can you?

Femininity and masculinity go together, so don’t be ashamed to exhibit it.  Let yourself discover a side of yourself you have neglected or never even knew existed, and enjoy being a more rounded empathetic person.


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