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Inside The Sex Doll Factory - WM Doll (Jinsan)

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Ever wonder where and how sex dolls are made? In this post we take a look inside the factory that makes the most prestigious TPE dolls in the world, WM Doll.

Currently, WM or Jinsan as they are also known build around 2,000 dolls per month and have over 200 employees. You may not think it however it currently takes a minimum of 5 staff members to full build your doll. The average build time for a doll is around 4 days.

We spoke to a representative at WM Doll who told us that currently over 50% of the dolls they are making are being distributed across the USA and by far the most popular choice in skin tone is tanned - make of that what you will.

Below, take a look into the factory to see how your doll is built and the people behind them.

You can see here, 9 dolls have been packaged ready to be shipped around the world to vendors

Workers prepare to ship the pallet of dolls. The average box size is 150cm x 43cm x 28cm

A truck is loaded up outside the factory as the dolls start the long journey

A makeup artist is putting the finishing touches to a dolls head

Hundreds of dolls can be seen here, all with different body types and skin tones

The dolls are hung in categories in order to help workers easily identify them

The factory has came up with a unique hanging system to allow the dolls to be stored and moved easily

Workers put some finishing touches on the dolls, removing any imperfections on the skin

Heat guns and specially developed tools are used to sculpt the skin after the doll is removed from the mould

One of the factory workers picking a doll to be checked and assembled

The dolls are wrapped in a protective plastic to protect the TPE prior to shipping

Empty boxes lie in waiting for the doll to be packaged

The boxes are reinforced in order to take the weight of the dolls and ensure no damage during shipping

Workers applying the final custom touches to the dolls such as custom finger and toe nails

Customers can customise almost all aspect of the dolls which is where the team spends the most time

View our built sex dolls or visit our relevant Jinsan dolls - WM Doll, YL Doll and OR Dolls (Oriental Rose)

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March 01, 2024

Would love to be a tester I love to try all toys

Bent petersen
Bent petersen

March 12, 2022

Let me test you sex doll


November 30, 2021

i would love to be a tester i think it would be quite an experiance

billy smith
billy smith

August 23, 2021

I would like to become a sex doll tester.


December 09, 2020

I would love to help and work for yall looking to be a great help

Booster Deluxe
Booster Deluxe

June 13, 2020

Could I be a sex doll tester? Il work volunteer.

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