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Build Your Own Sex Doll

If you are looking for a custom built silicone sex doll to your exact taste, then look no further. The process is very simple:You select the following - body measurements, the head, skin colour, hair, eye colour, areola size, areola colour, labia colour, vagina type, pubic hair type, finger nails, toe nails and feet type. Once you have selected all of your options, simply add the doll to your basket and we will begin to create your perfect doll! If you are looking for pre built (pre optioned) sex dolls, please visit this section. If you have any questions regarding the customisation of the doll, please get in touch with our team and we will be happy to help. All of the sex dolls shown are TPE in order to give both a durable and realistic feel, as well as being flexible to manoeuvre the doll into even the most trickiest of sex positions! All dolls have a useable mouth, anus and vagina to further enhance your experience. The metal skeleton gives you peace of mind that you have a well built, tough product.  All of our love dolls also come with a free random sexy outfit.
***All of our sex dolls come with the following: Sexy clothing,wig, Vagina cleaning device, USB heating stick, extra silicone for repair, etc***

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