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The luxury doll and sex robot markets are growing rapidly in the UK, with many of our customers seeking something different in their sex life. Although you would assume that the dolls will be used by single persons, a recent survey we conducted with our customers showed that over 30% are using the dolls in a relationship, to spice up their bedroom antics

Some even go as far as to marry their lifelike sex doll. Many married couples have realistic sex dolls, just add some sizzle to their marriage. Taking romance to another level, some decide to date their doll. It’s safe to say, sex robots and realistic dolls are a part of the culture. Cheers to that!

Fortunately, we are in an era when sex doll brothels are equally accepted by doll lovers globally. 


If you are wondering what type of person uses real dolls, the answer is almost every type of person you can think of. We have customers who are young and single and customers in excess of 80 years old.

Some of our customers will use the dolls when they come out of a relationship, if they have lost a loved-one or even while in a relationship. There is not one demographic of users.

All-in-all the notion of adult dolls and sex robots is not restricted to any particular gender, age group, sexual orientation or ethnicity. Long gone are the days when it stood near dejection. Now, the global society is more welcoming to this thought than ever.

We can see from industry trends and information, including data from Google that the sex doll market is growing, fast!