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We know what adult doll lovers fancy most - variety. This is something you find here in abundance. Here you will find a wide variety and range of TPE & silicone sex dolls that are fully customisable to suit every taste. From athletic to voluptuous, from young-looking to mild-style, no sex doll fantasy escapes Silicone Sex World. Want to know the best part? If you can’t seem to locate your prefered doll on our website, then you can freely contact us and request the doll that you wish to play with. Like the sound of that? 

There are times when the readymade real dolls don’t quite fit your fantasy. Don’t worry, we have an arrangement for that too.

Here, you can create your very own love doll and are able to choose every last detail from the colour of her eyes, skin tone, boob size, hair, vagina and even nail polish, or you can choose from one of our ever-popular ready-made & ready to order silicone sex dolls.

We strive hard to take our doll customization options to the next level. We have exclusive partnerships with renowned doll brands and suppliers. This enables us to let our customers opt for a sex doll of their choice. Customers can design their custom dream doll without sacrificing on quality and brand preference.

You can use our pre-made custom doll design suggestions to make an ideal companion for yourself. Customizing your doll lets you select a doll head and skin tone of your choice. You can also choose the hair type, finger/toenail colours, vagina type, pubic hair, breast type, and even their eye colour.

Giving more control and choices to our customers helps keep our spirits high. We envision sex dolls as an absolute fix to several emotional and physical requirements of our customers. All our efforts are concentrated towards offering a seamless sex doll shopping experience to you without any compromises.

We emphasize on the quality of the doll. Whatever we sell is certified and has cleared its quality-test run. So, you can bank your faith on us when it comes to getting the finest sex dolls.

Whatever your preference, rest assured that each doll we sell is as real and life-like as is possible and we guarantee full satisfaction in the quality of our product. All of our dolls come with the Silicone Sex World 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The first thing you should know is the brand of the doll you are buying. We supply only premium sex doll brands – WM Doll, Irontech, JY Doll, DS Doll, Sino Doll, Gynoid & SM Doll. These are the most respected doll makers in the world. The products they offer are second to none – not only do the dolls or sex robots arrive with exceptional skin quality and skeletons, but they also look as they do in the images on the website. It is very easy to spot a vendor who is not selling authentic products – they will either not mention the doll brand, or they will be substantially cheaper than elsewhere.

We don’t treat being brand-conscious as a tantrum. It is an understandably important choice. This is the reason why we host dolls forged by popular and praiseworthy manufacturers. You will not find any sex dolls forged by a shady or suspicious manufacturer. Because just like you, we are also brand-conscious.