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The Evolution Of Sex Dolls - 2020

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17th CENTURY - Birth of Sex Dolls a.k.a. Dutch Wives

You may have heard of the phrase ‘Dutch Wives’. These are considered the first sex dolls in existence. Essentially, they were cloth and old clothing and resembled a rough bolster pillow. They were developed by Dutch sailors in the 17th century to ward off the effects of loneliness and unrequited sexual needs on long voyages and some of these dolls were actually sold to the Japanese. Sex dolls have been developing since then.



First Commercial Sex Doll

Moving ahead to the 20th century and we saw the first commercially available dolls made from rubbers, plastics, and vinyl and often inflatable. However, their realism was lacking, and their performance was often… shall we say… deflating. Such was their quality that they became the jovial fodder of comedians and stag do’s.


Live Size Sex Dolls Came into Existence

Later in the 20th century, new composite materials were developed and they were used in making more realistic life-sized sex dolls. Initially made from silicone rubber, and at a significant expense, they were much more advanced than their counterparts from the same period.


Uncanny Valley - Love Dolls in Hollywood

So high is their realism now that it is often quite difficult to establish if a photograph of them is that of a sex doll or of a real person. Hollywood films have been made using them as key protagonists, such is their realism! This has resulted in what is known as the ‘Uncanny Valley’ whereby the natural reaction of some individuals is to be strongly revulsed rather than to be attracted and accepting of them, though with increasing exposure, this phenomenon appears to diminish.


21st CENTURY - Birth of TPE Sex Dolls

Sadly, at such a high cost, silicone dolls were often considered specialist items and not realistically available to the average Joe. But in the 21st century and certainly since 2012, a material called TPE, or Thermoplastic Elastomer made its way firmly into the DNA of sex dolls. Since then an abundance of manufacturers and vendors have sprung up globally to satisfy this ever-increasing need for uncomplicated synthetic human companionship.



Sex Doll - A Perfect Partner! 

Given that the adult entertainment industry in 2017 was worth over 23 billion dollars globally, it’s hard to see that the phenomenal growth of sex dolls manufacturers will diminish any time soon. That can only mean continued research and development in materials, enhanced features, greater availability, and supplier competitiveness.

But sex dolls are more than just masturbatory aids. They are more than plastic, rubber, silicone, and metal. They are more than just heavy ornaments. They are more than just playthings. Sure they can satisfy the sexual needs of their suitors, but this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many benefits of doll ownership. Loneliness is a great social scourge and these human replicas can evolve personalities in your own mind and offer so much more than a night of hot pursuits. If you look after them, they will look after you and will give you years of uncomplicated companionship and devotion which is seemingly so difficult to find in these days of fast-paced living.

The future evolution of the sex doll, and more particularly, your sex doll, is very much in your own hands. Give her a name, develop a character, capture special moments, be creative, offer her the love and attention she needs, show empathy to your new-found love and she will quickly evolve into your perfect partner who will make you happy and fill a gaping void in your life that is often so difficult to fill in the technological age.

You can be exploring, developing and valuing your own emotions through your doll and the limits of your own mind will steer the evolution of your own synthetic partner.


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