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Below Type of Sex Dolls

Male dolls are exquisitely designed to cater to the needs of homosexuals, bisexuals and women.

It is no surprise that men love to experiment and owning a life-size male doll is quite enticing. Although the demand for male love dolls is not very high compared to the female and shemale versions.

We at understand the needs of male doll buyers and our vibrant collection is aimed at fulfilling all such expectations. Our branded male lifelike dolls are highly customizable and come with different penis sizes. These sexy dolls are the closest replica of the human body. Their high-quality lifelike skin feels extremely close to real skin texture.

 You get an option to choose the skin colour, hairstyle, eye colour, nails, and even the public hair for free!

All our high-end male sex dolls come with the customizable penis or vagina option, extra soft premium TPE material, touch-sensitive moaning sounds, body heating and much more. 

Real shemale dolls look adorable and are an excellent partner for your emotional and physical needs. Transsexual dolls look feminine but they are hiding a big secret under their skirt. A real-size penis is what separates these transexual dolls from a female doll.

Shemale dolls are a preferred choice for bisexuals, pansexual and individuals who don’t want to buy two separate dolls. The only difference is they have a penis in place of a vagina. One can still enjoy vagina sex as the penis on all our premium trans dolls is easily removable. Not to forget, oral sex and anal penetration are always an option.

Our shemale doll collection is aimed at adding a royal twist to your collection. No doubt, a shemale life-size sex doll experience is equally rewarding and unique. We acknowledge that veteran doll collectors love to experiment and a high quality trans doll is an excellent addition to their arsenal.