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SINO 4th Anniversary Special Gift

Every order dolls from Top-sino, XNXdoll, GD Sino, and full size doll from Sino-doll will include a 60cm little doll with S30 head (scaled-down version). Besides, there will be a cushion with photos for T1 miyou and T17 Minan. ALL FOR FREE!


Please note that this doll will not have any sexual function. Add notes to you order of which pillow and mini-doll body type you choose.

  • Body Types:
    • 60cm Mini Doll Small Breast
    • 60cm Mini Doll Big Breast
  • Pillow
    • T1 Miyou Printed Pillow
    • T17 Minan Printed Pillow


Promotion runs only until April 5, 2022.