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Sex Toys Or Dolls?

8 min read

sex toys vs dolls

The carnal needs of humans are undeniable. We are sexually active beings and that justifies the existence of products and merchandise like sex toys and love dolls. These products make it convenient for people to satisfy their urges at any time they want. However, customers always tend to fall into the dilemma of what they should invest in. Both love dolls and adult sex toys exude an alluring appeal and it can certainly become perplexing for a customer to pick one as a choice.

With this comparison between dolls and toys, we hope to put this small confusion to rest. This article will help you better decide on where to put your money. We will try to shed light on the overall structure of the two and give you an in-depth insight into their pros and cons. This shall help you ultimately decide whether you need adult sex toys or dolls?


Sex Toys

As the name might suggest, these are, more or less, toys designed for satiating sexual cravings. Sex toys do not have a specific or say fixed form and structure. There are multiple varieties to these toys, each more appealing than the other. Most commonly known types of sex toys include male masturbators, massagers, vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, BDSM kits, among others. Each toy somewhat defines the preference of the user.


why sex toys better than dolls?


Merits of Buying Toys:

Sex toys have their fair share of merits that justifies their purchase. The biggest merit they present to the table is their easy availability. In the 21st century, anyone who carries interest in purchasing them can easily fetch toys online or in a store near them. This also sheds some light on their feasible nature. You don’t need to be an extravagant spender to be a proud owner of a sex toy. They are relatively inexpensive and fall in the line of affordability. Another benefit of owning a toy is the advantage of confidentiality.

Toys are easily concealable, so much so, that you can pack them in your travel bag and enjoy a vacation. This takes care of your privacy and erases any scope of interference. As mentioned earlier, adult toys present a handsome variation for every type of customer. So, there is a decent chance that you will find a toy that best suits your needs.

Demerits of Adult Sex Toys:

Without a doubt, sex toys aren’t without their flaws either. Even though they are feasible and easily concealable, they don’t amount to any real-life sexual experience. To put it simply, it is a tough job to incite any sexual feelings while a full-size doll makes this task a lot more easier. You may need to be armed with some fantasy to make the most of your sex toys. Although, it does take considerable efforts to sculpt and design premium realistic adult toys but most inexpensive toys lack the crucial details and thus offer an inferior experience.

On top of that, they don’t serve any new or exciting experience. True, you can always use new and different toys, but the overall experience gets stale very soon. So, you can derive anything new or exciting out of sex toys. It’s just you, your toy, and your fantasy.


Exploring Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are a fairly new take on “self-gratification” pertaining to sexual needs. These are silicone and TPE dolls that are structured and shaped in a way that they resemble an actual person. Unlike sex toys, love dolls aren’t divided into a plethora of categories. The best division of sex robots and dolls is only on the basis of gender i.e. female, shemale and male sex doll. Female sex dolls certainly rule the markets for now but as the society grows more tolerable to dolls, male dolls will become equally popular. But variety is never the selling point of lifelike real dolls, it’s the experience they deliver that draws customers towards them.


why sex dolls are better than adult toys?


Merits of Buying Life-size Dolls:

There are many benefits that are enjoyed by happy doll owners. The first and foremost amongst them is the intimate experience. Full body sex dolls aren’t dependent on the fantasy of its owner, to put it rather precisely, real dolls mostly are the fantasy of the doll owners. They are designed to substitute for a real person and serve the experience that otherwise a real intimate partner would.

The other benefit that life-size sex dolls deliver is freedom of indulgence. You don’t need to hold back your deepest sexual desires or fantasies. You can fulfil any sexual fantasy that you may be carrying without worrying. The same can’t be said for actual human partners. Over time, many doll owners have even fallen head over heels for their lifelike doll. This reflects the companionship that a sex robot or real dolls offer. So, it’s not just sex and carnal pleasure that make these dolls precious. Oftentimes, doll owners find something more meaningful and substantial than just a sexual relationship.

Here are some more noticeable merits which can only be found in realistic sex dolls:


Dolls Can Be Customized:

Yes, every doll you see on the websites and online sex shops comes with several customization options. Unlike toys, you can not only change the color of the doll's body but can do much more. Some common customization options available with silicone and TPE dolls include - option to choose the type of vagina, select a different doll head, select the breast type, etc.

Some premium high-quality lifelike dolls come with more than 15 different customization options. These custom features help the doll owner build a completely unique look based on their preference. Even the most expensive and exclusive of adult toys won't allow anything close to this.


Non-sexual Interaction: 

Many real doll owners enjoy non-sexual interactions with their dolls. It is not uncommon to find doll owners who constantly turn to their adult dolls for emotional comfort and companionship. Thanks to the life-like features, size and build of the dolls, it is easier to connect with them at both personal and emotional levels. Many doll owners enjoy hanging out with their dolls while some love doll photography. There are some owners who even create social media account for their dolls.  


Useful Accessories:

No doubt, managing and buying a doll is an expensive affair. But if you have some extra money to spend on your doll you can completely transform how it looks. You can also find so many add-on accessories which not only help upgrade your doll but also how you manage it better. Most adult sex toys on the other hand have no upgrades or add-on accessories to enhance their existing features.


Artificial Intelligence:

Gone are the days of blow-up dolls and inflatable dolls. Thanks to artificial intelligence, many Doll Brands are focused on creating full-size high-quality dolls which can talk and respond. Yes! apart from having a sturdy metal skeleton, sex doll robots do come equipped with AI feature. This allows them to respond and moan. This artificial life-like experience is the future of sex dolls and with the advent of AI, dolls will only grow smarter with time. Evidently, there are no toys that can even come close to the glory of the smart A.I. sex robots.


Foreplay and Oral Sex

Well, it is right to say that in spite of having so many adult toys, there are hardly any toys than can help you enjoy soothing oral sex. However, most high-quality realistic sex doll let you enjoy oral, vaginal and anal sex. Many real doll owners love the part that they can perform foreplay on their beautiful dolls, just like they do with real women. It won't be wrong to say that adult life-size dolls are the closest replica of human beings.

Demerits of Owning Realistic Dolls

Sex dolls do have some flaws as well. The most glaring one is the cost. Not just anyone can afford a love doll and maintain it. This expensive aspect of realistic adult dolls limits the number of people who can afford them. However, there are credit and pay later options available on most doll stores. One can use them if they plan to split the cost into easy installments. In spite of this, the cost of buying a love doll is considerably higher when compared to an adult toy.

The other negative aspect of realistic sex dolls is their size. Unlike toys, you cannot easily conceal a love doll. Anyone who wants to keep their dolls concealed from others you have to invest some effort in hiding their doll partner. This brings another slight disadvantage of owning a doll. You need to designate proper storage space for your doll which generally means a specific place in your house. People who have limited space in their apartments may face difficulty hiding their love doll. 


Difference Between Dolls and Sex Toys

Before we declare the winner, let's take a glance over some noticeable aspects of both sex dolls and sex toys that also act as the major line of difference between the two.

Adult Sex Toys 

  1. Toys that are shaped and structured in the likeness of a sexual organ of human beings.
  2. They are relatively inexpensive and easily available.
  3. Not all adult sex toys are effective at arousing erotic sensations. Most inexpensive toys are created to simply act as a tool to support masturbation.
  4. Adult toys are greatly dependent on the sensual fantasy of the user.
  5. Most toys offer no upgrades or add-on features or accessories.
  6. There are hardly any intelligent adult toys that are equipped with artificial intelligence.
  7. Oral stimulation or foreplay is impossible to achieve with toys alone.


Real Love Dolls

  1. These are adult dolls that resemble an actual human being.
  2. Dolls cost more in comparison to sex toys.
  3. One of the major purposes of designing a sex doll is to excite erotic impulses in the owner, thanks to their human-like design.
  4. Sex dolls don’t rely on the fantasy of the owner, instead, they are the fantasy. The love dolls represent the fetishes and carnal preferences of the owner and hence act as an intimate partner of their owner and not just a tool for masturbation.
  5. Dolls can be customized easily. Also, there are several add-on features or accessories available to upgrade your love doll.
  6. One can easily buy high-quality sex robots equipped with A.I.
  7. Lifesize dolls make oral play and foreplay possible.


Final Verdict: Sex Toys Or Dolls?

In an overall observation, it becomes evident that realistic sex dolls take the trophy. We don’t deny the relevance of adult toys in any manner. The service provided by them remains valid and relevant. Plus they are affordable and convenient to use or carry with you. That’s a big plus, but they do miss out on a lot of amazing features and qualities which are present in most TPE or silicone dolls.

On the other hand, owning and maintaining an adult sex toy may not be a big deal, but with every full-size doll, comes a great deal of responsibility. Unlike toys, dolls require a lot of attention and effort at your end. You can definitely invest in the accessories to make your life easier. But it is hard to neglect the fact that dolls are generally very heavy and almost the size of a real person. It does take up space and effort to own and maintain a doll.

Dolls make it much easier to stimulate the sexual drive of the user as they are designed for the purpose. They are crafted to deliver a rousing experience to their owners. Adult dolls are sexual companions and in time, can even become the love interest of the user.

We would conclude by saying that both adult toys and dolls have their own merits and demerits. However, when it comes to ROI on your investment, love dolls definitely beat toys and stand out as a clear winner.

sex toys vs sex doll


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