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The Ultimate Checklist For Sex Doll Buyers - Before & After Purchase

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It is fun to have a sexy love doll in the house. But there is more to a sex doll than the typical bedtime usage. There is another aspect along the lines of doll care and maintenance. After all, a life-size doll also requires your care and attention. To that end, a checklist post buying a sex doll will come handy.

But it will be good to compile a checklist before buying just as it is commendable to have a checklist after you've bought the doll. The former will simplify the later as an effective pre-purchase checklist will help you land an ideal realistic doll.

We will work out a pre-purchase checklist before proceeding to the post-purchase one.

Checklist for Doll Buyers Before Ordering A Sex Doll

what to know before ordering a sex doll

To make the most of owning a love doll there are certain things you must do prior to purchasing one. This is important for you in order to enjoy all that doll ownership can offer. There are questions you must ask and information you must have as making an informed decision is the objective behind all this fuzz. 

Purpose And Reason

First and foremost is the understanding of your purpose and reason for buying a love doll. This is a critical aspect because it will influence the choices you make. In other words, it will help you narrow down the kind of sex dolls you desire. This is due to the fact that the looks and size of a love doll are versatile.

what is your purpose to buy a sex doll

A real love doll can also act as a companion, a model for photography, on top of being a partner between the sheets. For instance, if you are an avid photographer, going for a TPE sex doll with hyper-realistic configuration will be a bonus. Or if your primary objective is an exclusive sexual partner, giving attention to the body type you fancy will give you an optimal experience. 

Checking Online Store Reviews

check online sex doll reviews before buying

This is one of the most realistic ways to get a feel of what you are trying to buy. If you want a glimpse into the merits and demerits of a sex doll you intend to buy, customer reviews on store websites and media outlets can be the perfect places. You can look into the kind of experiences other buyers have of the specify sex doll you plan to buy. You have so much insight to gain from the reviews and comments of their buyers. 


Considering The Size, Height And Weight

When it comes to the features of a TPE sex doll or a silicone sex doll, size, height and weight mean everything. The feel you get of your European or Asian sex doll will be determined by the size and height of the doll. Your quality of experience hinges on them.

how to choose the height and weight of sex doll

To begin with, small dolls will be lightweight and easier to hide but they may be of unrealistic measurements. There is a chance that you may not feel like you are with a real woman. On the other hand, buying a bigger or full-size milf dolls might give you the most authentic feel. They may be cumbersome to move around but they are the closest you can get to a real woman. However, you can get an adult doll in various sizes. 


Knowing Your Budget

Everything boils down to the strength of your budget. Endless talks of qualities and brands will mean little if you have a limited budget. To that end, it is critical to work on how much budget you can allocate.

what is your budget for purchasing the sexdoll

Most people refrain from buying realist dolls for they consider them extremely expensive. However, you can order a good quality doll for as low as £ 1200 GBP. And yes! it also comes with a number of customization options before you make a purchase. There are countless other incentives that make your purchase more fun and fulfilling. Free discreet delivery & easy returns across the UK, Europe and the US is a bonus. 

All premium adult dolls from brands like WM dolls and SINO dolls are covered by money-back guarantee which makes your purchase a risk-free deal. 

At times, despite having sufficient budget you may be tempted to go for cheap dolls to save money. This is where the importance of reading, discussing and making an informed buying decision comes in. 

The more expensive a doll is, the better it will be. However, if a blow-up or inflatable sex doll is what gives you thrills, then you must go ahead and try them out. Just be cautious for blow-up dolls are not made to last much longer. Also, their skin tone and boobs will not feel real enough. 

Cheap choices are a very poor imitation of a human encounter and you will likely end up getting unsatisfied. As the price bar goes up, so does the scope for functionality and options for customisation to suit your preferences.


Buy A Doll On Credit

If you don't want to wait and wish to order a doll right now, it is possible through credit options offered by the doll store. You can then choose to pay back the amount in easy instalments.

Want to know more about payment options and methods? Visit our Payments page.


How Price Changes Based On Doll Material?

Once you have sorted your budget, materials and specifications of a given doll are the factors shaping the price. The cheapest type of doll you can lay your hands on is a vinyl inflatable doll. TPE sex dolls are in the middle rung of the price ladder and on top of all are the silicone dolls.

The prices of realistic dolls and dolls with enriched specifications tower over those of simpler models and advanced real dolls with artificial intelligence are at the very top of the ladder. If you are not ready for a full-size doll, investing in sex doll torsos may seem sensible before you graduate to a full-size real doll. 

There are different types of realistic sex dolls and laying your hands on the one which you will like to call yours can be quite a task. This is why you can always leverage a pre-purchase checklist to end up with a life-size doll that captures your imagination. 

But compiling that checklist and making a satisfactory purchase is not the end of the story. The job is only half done with a successful purchase as you need to take good care of the TPE love doll and there are certain things you must know or have thereof. And that takes us to a checklist you must have in place as a new sex doll owner.


sex doll owner checklist after you have ordered a doll 

Checklist for Doll Buyers After Buying A Sex Doll

Realistic Doll Care And Maintenance

This is in the most inevitable part of owning anything. A car or a sex doll, care and maintenance are integral ingredients. This is where you ask yourself if you have the relevant skills or, in case you don’t have if you are willing to learn the skill for the maintenance of your life-size doll.

Doll ownership comes with requirements for skills. As a sex doll owner, you will have to take care of makeup, hairstyling, mechanics and material repairs. As such your realistic sex doll requires delicate handling.


maintenance budget for sex doll post purchase 

Continual Maintenance Budget

There are some aspects of care that will require a financial commitment. Each month some amount of money will go towards cleaning products and lubes. This is necessary in order to keep your TPE doll fresh and enjoyable. Depending on the complexity of your realistic sex doll, the maintenance cost for keeping up a good condition will vary. Below is a list of items you should include in the care budget you may allocate to your TPE or silicone doll.

  • Items of personal care
  • Hairstyling and make-up products
  • Lingerie and clothing
  • Mild soaps and shampoo for cleaning the body and hair
  • Body powder for the skin post drying
  • Towels for drying the doll
  • Water-based lubricants and sex toys for enhancing sex experience with your doll
  • Condoms to simplify post-sex interior cleaning
  • Items of material care
  • Material-specific glues to repair tears and holes
  • Material-suitable paint for restoring faded or stained areas
  • Mechanical care kit (in case your doll is of a metal skeleton)
  • Towels and blankets to wrap your doll for non-usage period
  • Storage facility such as storage box
  • Wheeled chair or stool for movement and placement about the house.


spend time with your real love doll


For some people, time is a luxury that is very hard to afford. Therefore it is important to work out beforehand the amount of time you can spend with your love doll. You might want to consider finding some time for your doll if you are a busy person. It defeats the purpose of owning a premium sex doll if you don’t have time to enjoy. To that end, you need to set down the time to commit to maintaining, caring and, of course, enjoying your beautiful doll. 

There is a general rule of thumb in play here. The more you use your sex doll, the more time you will need to allocate time to care for her. And the more time you invest, the longer your love doll will last and the longer you will enjoy its company.


find out how to store your doll safely  

Privacy And Storage

In terms of size, your real doll will range anywhere between 146 cm and 170 cm. Therefore space requirement is something you cannot simply ignore. That said, it will come handy if you have allocated some space prior to bringing a love doll into the house. Life-sized dolls require specific handling to preserve their bodily integrity. 


The manner or place in which they are stored should prevent creasing or flattening of the TPE or Silicone material. 

When not in use, you can store your love doll in a wardrobe or under the bed using the original shipping box. You should keep your sex doll away from strong heat and steer her clear of strong sunlight.

Do not rest her near the window during summer as it will lead to skin deterioration. The orifices of your TPE sex doll should be left dry, especially if you are not going to use her for a long time, to keep moisture out and ward off mould or bacteria build-up.


tips to keep your realistic doll clean  


Cleaning is an integral part whenever there is a mention of care. As such cleaning is a very important part of sex doll ownership. The notion of having to clean your life-size doll should not have you recoil. It is not that much of a task, especially if you get the hang of the job. Once you have mastered the cleaning process, it will take you a very few minutes.

Enough couldn’t be said of the importance of cleanliness. For simplicity’s sake, it serves two main purposes when you keep your TPE sex doll clean – you keep your doll as well as yourself healthy. By doing so, you also prolong her lifespan by several years.

You keep her fresh and likeable at all times. Your silicone sex doll in top condition will stay for a long period of time. Talking about cleaning, frequency is vital. You should clean your TPE or silicone sex doll after every intimate session or contact with bodily fluid.


Cleaning Tools That May Come Handy

In the meantime, there are certain cleaning tools you should consider. Certain cleaning instruments will make your life much easier. For starters, you can use enema bulb or anal douching (widely known as vaginal irrigator) for flushing out impurities from the orifices of your sex doll before or after usage. Enema bulbs work by squirting out water to flush out dirt from the anus or vagina of the doll. 

You can also use a handheld or detachable showerhead when cleaning/washing your sex doll. The advantage of a showerhead is that you can adjust the pressure to change the temperature from hot to cold and vice-versa.

You can remove the germs or bacteria from the doll by placing the high-pressured cold water on the areas that need disinfection. In the meantime, you can use the warm water to expel bacteria in and around the orifices.



You have full control over your sex doll. She is yours to use and enjoy as you please. But it is also your personal duty to care for her. Accordingly, you will have to designate a fair amount of time, money and personal commitment. As such the whole process can be rewarding and will debunk the negative preconceived notion you might have of a real doll.

It is a fact that many owners form a deep bond with their love dolls over time. The equation you have with your doll will also evolve, and you will gain satisfaction from nurturing and looking after her.

There are instances in which some doll owners cherish and delight in their dolls to the extent of presenting them with gifts at Christmas. Therefore, the more time you spend with your adult love doll the more rewarding the relationship will prove. It is very much like a relationship with a real-life girlfriend. The deeper you are involved, the stronger the bond grows.

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